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Style is the imprint of what one is

Alessandra Avallone Bijoux

A brand is not born as such, it becomes one.

Inspired by a strong and multifaceted woman, the Alessandra Avallone brand became one of the main players in the sector at the end of the 1980s.

After an initial supply phase for various partners, the need for a direct relationship with customers prevails.

The first Avallone boutique was born in this way, in the late nineties.

The laboratory in Via Pavia, the one in which the creations take shape, is transformed into a small retail shop, through which the awareness of a brand recognized for its taste and ability to intercept trends grows.

Thus in the mid-2000s the third boutique arrives, in via Chiaia, one of the most populated arteries in Naples, among citizens and tourists.

Each collection is the creation of a new world for a woman who is attentive to style, independent and unrepentant to herself, aware of the fact that an accessory becomes precious also and above all, if she manages to donate a who wears it, their own, unrepeatable identity.

"I have a secret to tell you: Avallone jewels are born on a beach, among grains of sand, under an August sun and a taste of summer. This is how I spent my summers, putting my passions and imagination at the service of the wishes of those who asked me for bracelets, necklaces and other personalized objects to be made at the moment.

I am not embarrassed to confess it, because this is how I shaped my taste, formed my sensitivity, consolidated the stylistic identity of the Avallone signature.

An experience that allows me to have constant contact with news, breathe new trends and re-read them to my taste. This is how I learned to design the Avallone models, this is the essence of the style, recognizable in the features of bright beauty. Fashions flow like signatures, like names that indicate something.

Today Alessandra Avallone continues her business between these three locations and online, with an elegantly designed shop dedicated to providing the best possible experience.




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