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Gifts for Valentine's Day?

Jewelry? Yes, of course! They are always the most appreciated gift, especially on the most romantic day of the year. Many precious ideas for her by Alessandra Avallone

Valentine's Day is coming and you still don't have a clear idea of what to give to your sweetheart. You look around and you are surrounded by the usual boxes of chocolates, the usual soft toys and heart-shaped pillows. That's enough! Tired of always giving away the same boring things? This year you are looking for a more original and personal gift that will really make your partner's eyes shine. And what can be more desirable than a jewel for Valentine's Day?

Donating a jewel is never banal and obvious. It represents an important gesture that creates a strong bond between those who give it and those who receive it. In fact, each jewel holds a profound meaning and is able to bring back to the memory of both important memories.

Valentine's Day 2022 gift ideas

Hearts galore! But not only. Even crystals, gold and precious stones, all with a hint of "loving" eccentricity. The number one goal you will need to reach for your Valentine's Day 2022? Sparkle! 

With jewels and bijoux, of course! Green light to earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings to wear and above all to be given as gifts. The "heart theme" has always been a classic, but it is not the only one for jewelery gifts for Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year. 

Remember that this is the right time to let your partner understand what romantic gesture you would like to receive.

How to choose the Valentine's Day gift

Choosing gifts for your loved one is never a simple thing and when it comes to Valentine's Day, the level of difficulty rises even more. Whether you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend or your best friend, no box of chocolates or bunches of flowers will compare with a beautiful sparkling gem. 

And if it is the budget that worries you, no worries: there are some at every price. You will find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, charms: it is not the type of accessory that will determine the success of your jewel for Valentine's Day, but how much you will let yourself be guided by love and passion while choosing it.

Valentine's Day gift ideas: rings

Are you looking for a jewel to show your love? The answer can only be a ring. The perfect gift for a promise of engagement is, in fact, the solitaire, a Valentine's classic.

Don't you feel ready for the engagement ring yet? No problem! On our online store and in our jewelers, you will certainly find the most suitable for your sweetheart among the many models dedicated to Valentine's Day.Yellow, white or pink gold and precious hearts hearts in rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires and diamonds. A ring: the special jewel to establish a pact of love.


Again hearts, but even words like "LOVE" to express all the love. The earrings for Valentine's Day are elegant and give brightness to the face. In addition to a truly charming allure! So forward to those with pendants with simple lines (more "easy") or chandeliers (more elegant).

Does your other half love to wear personalized jewelry and accessories? Then choose the earrings from the Alessandra Avallone collection with a romantic word that tells your story, hers or, better still, your initials.

Valentine's Day gift ideas: necklaces

The necklace, an accessory that, just like the earrings, makes any look and occasion special and precious, can only be a perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

For the party of lovers, the most classic choice naturally falls on a precious chain that ends with a pendant.

Or even keys and locks for a love to be rediscovered or precious stones to let her know how special she is for you: discover our selection of necklaces, your gift will be a success!


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