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Jewelry for the bride: what to wear and what to avoid

What jewelry can the bride wear to the wedding and which ones should be avoided? Discover the rules dictated by etiquette and Alessandra Avallone's advice on the new 2022 trends to be beautiful and glamorous!

As Marilyn Monroe sang, Diamonds are a girl's best friend ... and us we can only agree: especially on wedding day, jewelry with their delicate sheen and elegant style are details which cannot be missed.

But are we sure we can wear them all? Which are the jewels for the bride that etiquette forbids and which ones aren't? Let's find out together.

1. No to the complete set as jewelry for the bride

Best not to overdo it. On wedding day, the bride must follow a whispered style, so it is best not to wear a complete set of necklace, earrings and bracelet. In addition to the wedding ring, in fact, it is recommended to wear only one of the pieces indicated, a maximum of two if the style of the dress is very simple and sober.

If you opt for this second option, we remind you that it is more elegant to combine earrings and a bracelet, or a necklace and bracelet.

2. Yes to pearls as jewels for the bride

Pearls are said to bring tears, but don't be too superstitious on this point: pearls, in fact, are a symbol of elegance and delicacy, and are perfect for the wedding ceremony. Earrings or a pearl necklace will do just fine.

3. The bride's engagement ring should be put on after the ceremony

Remember that the real star of the wedding ceremony is the wedding ring and you only have to wear that. If you really can't help but put on the engagement ring, perhaps a wonderful solitary gift from your husband, do it during the reception.
And be careful, put it on your right ring finger ... the claim is already committed forever!

4. Match the bride's jewels to the dress and hairstyle

In any case, the key thing is to remember that whatever the choice is, you must always match it according to the hairstyle and dress.

The 2022 bridal jewelry trends: earrings

The 2022 proposals offer a wide range of cuts for all features and face shapes, high-quality stones and a palette that goes from the most classic to the brightest tones for those who love to go beyond conventional canons. The shapes of the earrings for the coming year range from the classic light point, teardrop, button, circle up to the romantic pendants.

Diamonds are always at the top of the ranking of the most loved stones by brides to be who choose a more sober and rigorously elegant dress, but we also see a large amount of gems that, due to their brilliance, can replace diamonds, obtaining an excellent result. Silver and white gold will dominate the bridal scene, but there is no shortage of bridal earrings in rose and yellow gold with a smooth or slightly beaten finish for those who want a retro effect. < / span>

What are the stones that we will see shining on the faces of future brides-to-be?

And you? Which ones will you wear or which have you worn?


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